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The most widely produced, copied, used, talked about, written about and debated handgun in the world. The Colt Government Model 1911 is referred to by many as "the world's greatest handgun". Colt introduced this model in 1970 as a newer version of the Model 1911A1. The major changes were a slightly heavier slide and a slotted collet barrel bushing. The all-new remington® model 1911 r1 stainless The accuracy and reliability that have made the 1911 an American icon now shine brighter than ever. Features include a crisp trigger, dovetailed front and rear sights, precision-machined slide and frame, and available fine-checkered American walnut grips. Serial number- RHH070130. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with the original case, manual, and two 7 round magazines. The Remington Model 1911 R1 semi-auto pistol is a single-action, recoil-operated handgun based on the renowned Browning M1911. The Remington R1 is a blend of modern steel machined to ultra-tight tolerances and an.

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Handgun is in immaculate condition. It is regularly serviced and maintained. It was purchased in Oct 2014. The handgun has the Enhanced R1 Slide, with Fibre Optic Sights and Fully Adjustable Rear Sights, plus extras It has 2 x 7 round magazines and 3 8 round magazines. Along with 700 empty 45 ACP brass cases cleaned. If you have any questions please call. Includes Owners Manual with Send in Warranty Card, Gun Lock, Bushing Wrench, two Remington 7 round magazines, Remington hard plastic lockble box. Seller accepts cashiers check, personal check or money order. Price: $1,090.00 Buy Now Handgun Caliber:.45 ACP (.45 Auto) Manufacturer: Remington Model: 1911 R1 Serial Number: RHN57997A.

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Dovetail front and rear, 3 dot. The Remington 1911 R1 is a semi-automatic pistol modeled after the classic Colt 1911 which has served the US armed forces for over 100 years. Like the Colt 1911, the Remington 1911 is single action only, and has a grip safety and a manually operated thumb safety; it also has a Colt Series 80 style firing pin safety. REMINGTON DATES OF MANUFACTURE. Remington made use of a two or three letter Firearms Identification Code that can be located on the left side of the barrel, just ahead of the frame. The first letter of the code identifes the month, the other letter(s) identify the year.


REMINGTON HANDGUNS FOR SALE. Remington Arms has manufactured high-quality firearms for over 200 years, and currently offers numerous handgun models for nearly every need. Browse our inventory to find Remington handguns for sale. Be sure to check out popular series such as Remington 1911, Remington R1, Remington RP, Remington RM380, and more.

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Thanks!! Frame markings. United States Property N 1911 A1 U.S. Army. Serial num without No or NO 24172XX. U on the trigger guard top Under A1 on above marking. Looks to be also a 2 on trigger guard under trigger. Other side w/ mag button. Looks to be a 3 or 8 at top of the trigger guard. Also looks to be a FIA stamp under the slide stop. Check the serial numbers located on the left side of the barrel on your Remington shotgun. They can be decoded to find out when your shotgun or rifle was manufactured. This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created. Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serial/barrel. A REMINGTON R1 1911 pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,069.92 new and $721.75 used. The 12 month average price is $1,069.92 new and $708.29 used. The new value of a REMINGTON R1 1911 pistol has fallen ($105.97) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,069.92. The used value of a REMINGTON R1 1911 pistol has fallen ($55.

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Remington SERIAL NUMBERS 1921-2012. Remingtons manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture. B – Jan L – Feb A – Mar C – Apr K – May P – Jun. The gist of this Remington Model 1911 R1 review is that it's well-made, accurate, made in the USA and you can basically get one for a song these days. If you want a basic Government frame 1911, it's a great choice. My pictures turned out lousy (I know, I know; I'm buying a camera soon) so you'll just have to deal with it.


Now, ive always gave my 1911 toting friends a hard time when they experienced an FTF on the range, and had to buy 10 different magazines to find one the gun liked. Ive always respected the beauty of the 1911 but turned my nose up at its reliabilty. But, back in May I took the plunge and bought a Remington R1 Stainless. With those services, I provide extensive pertinent information, as well as accurate serial number information (when I personally inspect a handgun. Please contact me for more information. Charles W. Clawson does provide shipping and procurement information for the M1911, M1911A1, M1917 revolvers and commercial Colt Government Model pistol. We are having a bit of trouble figuring it out, the numbers dont seem to work. The slide says Remington Rand Inc, Syracuse NY USA but the serial number on the frame above the trigger says No_277924, which judging by the charts ive found suggests thats it is a Colt, year 1918.

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521 Posts. #2 · Feb 11, 2020. Only show this user. According to an old (1974) book I have that serial number corresponds to the year 1924 and was assigned to the manufacturer Colt. Actually the chart listing looks like this: 1924 700001 – 710000 Colt. Or call Remington on its toll-free XMP-Recall Hotline at 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and the serial number of your rifle. Dirección de Commercialización de Armamento y Municiones (DCAM) Avenida Industria Militar 1111. Remington Model 1911 R1 Semi-Automatic pistol in 45 ACP Caliber. Factory New in Box. 5" Blued barrel/slide. 8+1 Capacity. Special wood grips. 39 oz total weight. Engraved slide with gold inlay. Commemorates 100 years since the 1911 was introduced. E-RPC is proud to introduce the Remington Model 1911 R1 Centennial.

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The Remington R1 has been in production for a few years and earned a good reputation. This seemed a good time to revisit the pistol with a new-in-the-box 2019 production pistol. The R1 is similar in concept and appearance to the Springfield Mil-Spec or modern Colt Series 70. This is a pistol with a very nice, evenly applied blue finish and. Remingtion firearms. manufactured after 1921. Remingtons manufactured after 1921. have a code located on the left side of the barrel. near the frame that identifies the year and month of. manufacture. The following letters correspond to the. months of the year, for example B=January, L= February. and so on.

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As you can imagine it cheered me up instantly Just one minor problem.. The gun does not have any serial numbers on it anywhere. I have looked it over very carefully and they have not been removed it was just never stamped with any. It has the proof marks on the slide, frame and barrel and they appear to be the same size. April 5, 2020 at 12:38 pm #1931224. I’m trying to figure the manufacture date of a Remington 1911 R1. I’ve gone to a bunch of sites and apparently I lack the intelligence to figure this out. I know the letters of the serial number are a year and month code, but I still can’t figure it out. The serial number is RHN353xxA. * Colt duplicated the following serial number blocks: 60000 pistols in the Ithaca range 856405-916404 41696 pistols in the Remington Rand range 916405-958100 4171 pistols in the US&S range. Return to Colt Auto Pistol Models Home.

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Model 1911R1 Centennial Same features as 1911R1, with special Centennial engravings on slide, Centennial serial number range, dovetailed brass-bead front and black serrated rear sight. Custom grips with Remington medallions. View Model Details Model 1911R1 Centennial Limited Edition No Photo Available.

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Looking at the pistol's frame, here are some rules to help you identify its maker: 1. The presence of VP proofmark in a triangle at the left front of the triggerguard; a GHD inspector marking or an M1911A1 marking with- out any spaces between the figures indicates an M1911A1 manufactured by Colt. 2. A serial number preceded by an "S" indicates. 1943 1471431 1609528 Remington Rand. Total: 753224. 1944 1609529 1743846 Colt. 1944 1743847 1890503 Ithaca. 1944 1890504 2075103 Remington Rand. Total: 465575. 1945 2075104 2134403 Ithaca. 1945 2134404 2244803 Remington Rand. 1945 2244804 2380013 Colt. 1945 2380014 2619013 Remington Rand. 1945 2619014 2693613 Ithaca. Total: 618510 (X SERIAL NUMBERS. Your serial number was allotted to Remington-Rand and is near the end of the numbers they were issued (916405-10410404) I could not find your specific serial number in these volumes. The closest two were 1031438 issued at Buckingham Field October 16 1945 and 1031582 issued at Ft. Bragg on December 12 1946.

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Manufacturer: Rock Island Armory. Items Like The Remington 1911 R1 LIMITED.40 S&W 9+1 5. Citadel CIT45FSP 1911 Full Size 8+1.45 ACP 5". $ 699.85. Rock Island Armory 51434 PRO Ultra Match *CA Compliant* Single.45 ACP 5 8+1 Wood Grip.