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The Icom IC-R20 can be connected to a PC via the PC's RS-232C port using an optional ICOM CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. This allows you to control the R20 from the PC and/or transfer data from the receiver to the PC. Control is provided via Icom's CI-V communication interface. Please note that Icom does not offer R20 control software.

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Unfortunately, many computer software (for example HRD free version) does not support setting a higher baudrate than 19200 for CI-V ports. So there you end up switching settings on the IC-7300 when switching software on your computer. So could I not use CI-V via USB, set to 115200, and CI-V via the REMOTE plug, set to 19200, both at the same. Software (Ekki, DF4OR) Civtest CI-V Test is a small programm which allows to enter commands directly (in hex) and send them to the rig. Responses are displayed in hex bytes and also in a decoded text format. All ICOM CI-V commands are recognized, including the. Win4IcomSuite Overview. Best viewed at 1080p fullscreen. Win4IcomSuite is a windows control program for the Icom IC-7100, IC-7300, IC-7600, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7850/51 and IC-9700 transceivers supporting Icom’s built in spectrum scopes, the IQ spectrum on the IC-7610 as well as the SDRPlay devices. All functions are provided in an.

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CI-V Commander for Icom Radios For Download Instructions, Click on COMMANDER in next cell.===> Go to the COMMANDER Web Site Other Miscellaneous Software. A Collection Of Free Ham Software Too Numerous To List ==> Click on Next Column =====> Go to the K7HG Web Site: Another Collection: Free, Share and Demo’s. Too Numerous To List ==> Click on Next.

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Many moons ago I owned an Icom IC-R7000, along with the optional IC-EX310 Voice Synthesizer Unit and optional RC-12 Wireless Remote Controller. Along with those two options, both of which worked quite well, the radio was purchased new by me and was connected to a computer using the Icom CT-17 CI-V Interface. I wrote my own software in BASIC to. N9ZLE ICOM – CIV Software IRC is a Free Radio control program for Icom radios using the CIV CT-17 or compatible interface. This program allows the use of.

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The Icom CI-V Interface. This is a complete online manual to the interface and the software driving it. The page on CI-V level converters has links to many different circuits, including a relatively complicated one using the MAX232 chip. G3VGR Icom CI-V Interface. This is a nice little circuit using a couple of 2N2222s, two diodes, and four. The IC-7300 transceiver provides two separate ways to connect to the interface: through the USB port and through the remote jack. CI-V settings are located in the IC-7300 SETUP menu. Choose “CONNECTORS, CI-V” and there are two pages of settings that follow. Most software that addresses the CI-V port uses default settings found in the radio. CI-V is the data interface. It is Icom’s proprietary Computer Interface – Revision V (5) software. It is a bi-directional, digital interface that communicates the status of controllable features of the radio to the PC, and the PC to the Radio. For applications mentioned above, these would typically be Frequency, Mode, Band. CI-V can also command PTT. The Accessory (ACC1 or ACC) socket.

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This project is designed for an Icom IC-7000 transceiver, but it can be adapted to any Icom radio with a CI-V port. You can use the CI-V "00" universal address on some Icom radios, making this converter compatible with any Icom radio, without changing the CI-V address in the code.

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Icom 746 & 725 Rig Control with N3FJP. February 24, 2012. November 2, 2008 by John S. Huggins. A reader responding to a post on the N3FJP Software Support forums asked how I adjusted things to allow control between an Icom 746 (not the pro model) and N3FJP Virginia QSO Party software. To quote.

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ICOM CI-V Level Converters are designed to allow for the connection of one or more ICOM transceivers to a personal computer RS-232C port. They allow you to change frequencies, operating modes, and memory channels using your computer and appropriate third party control software. ICOM CI-V level converters include a DC power cord and mini jumper. Icom Radio Communications / CI-V Virtually all Icom radio communication is by way of a special box called a "CI-V Interface". As it happens, Icom sells a CI-V box, but I can tell you from personal experience that third-party products are both better and less money — the Icom CI-V box costs US$190.00, while a very good third-party product is.

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CI-V Test is a small programm which allows to enter commands directly (in hex) and send them to the rig. Responses are displayed in hex bytes and also in a decoded text format. All ICOM CI-V. Eliminates collisions and erratic behavior of the ICOM ® CI-V bus Provides ICOM ® address translation between ports. For more information, read the User Guide. To acquire the lastest software, both source code and "pre-built" easy to download.

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Supported Icom CI-V Receivers and Their Features The following table lists all receiver drivers that are included in the CI-V device driver and their supported radio features. In most cases the name of the driver corresponds to the name of the respective radio. Therefore you can also check if a specialized driver is available for a radio. Icom CI-V Interface. I built this CI-V interface and the additional circuitry to provide PTT from RTS so I could interface my Icom IC-7000 to my computer to run the digital modes using FLDigi. This circuit comes from G3VGR. I built it using manhatten style construction, which is amazingly fast way to build up a project. N3FJPSoftwareU | Interface With ICOM IC-9700. Stan Edwards – WA4DYD. 6/11/19 #37623. I recently added an IC-9700 to the shack, but have been unable to get ACLog to talk with it. The radio programming software communicates without any issues, both the ICOM package as well as RTSystems software.

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For full radio control you need a CI-V cable. There are oodles of schematics (from simple to complicated) for them out there, including these: I built the G3VGR interface for my IC-746 Pro; simplicity itself, a couple of 2N2222A transistors, a 1N914 diode, a 10k resistor and three 4.7k resistors. Works like a charm. It is called virtual because much of the serial COM port functionality is achieved with software. The radios that can be computer controlled have a CAT interface (computer-aided transceiver). A related term is CI-V (Communication Interface v5) which is an Icom standard that defines the messages the radio will respond to.

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A long time ago I did a 2 minute video setting up the Icom 7300 with Ham Radio Deluxe, but the software has changed and many more new Hams have the Icom 7300.It's time to update with an article and video. Included is how to customize the HRD rig control window with frequently used sliders and a new color scheme.

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Icom Ci V Interface Guide Xggcomms Icom ic f420 10 programming software Icom CI V Interface Guide. 4 out of 5 stars 7 $25. ae at best prices. Describe your experience with the Icom CI-V Level Converter CT-17 and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). It is a two-wire interface.